Saturday, 1 January 2011

Download an Excel file of Euribor values


From this page you can download the file with all the Euribor values.

I will try to update the file once per day as maximun around 18:00 p.m., the name of the file will contains the updated date, for example: "euribor_200111.xlsx " (euribor_ddmmyy), if the name it's not changed it means that the file it's not updated.

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  1. If for example I get a loan for 1 million Euro and the interest rate is charged on the monthly average Euribor rate for the year plus 0.8%, how is the interest payment worked out?

  2. Hello,
    You can download the excel file "hipoteca_mortage.xls" and you can input all this quantities and make proves. The 12 months average of September is 0,740 and the one month average is 0,119, I supose you mean 12 months average (0,740) and payment for exemple in 30 years: With these values the monthly payment will be 3425,68 Euro. (interest: 1283,33 & Capital: 2142,34). See you soon.

  3. Hello

    I would like to inform you that the sheet with the EURIBOR Rates, the rates about the period 12/09 - 11/10 aren't visible...

    By the way: thank you for your daily updates!

  4. Hello,
    Oops!! I didn't notice, now it's solved, thanks for tell me.

  5. Hi!
    First of all thank you for a job well done!
    I have a question. My mortgage is linked to the EURIBOR 3M. What happens to it if this tenor ceases to exist?

    1. Hi,
      If in your mortgage conditions doesn't mention what will be the new type in case of dissapear, probably they will take the nearest one higher, but in this case I think you should negociate with your Bank to find a fare solution to both of you. Regards,


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